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A Learning Organization - Infrastructure For Personal And Organizational Learning

Updated: Feb 5

All organizations possess organizational knowledge. However, many organizations do not use the potential generated by a developed awareness of the importance of organizational knowledge. The consequences of the above are multiple. On the other hand, the results of proper use of this potential reach strategic proportions in the organization's operations.

What is that potential?

It is about improving the ability to adapt to changes, both in the internal and external environment. The ability to adapt to changes affects the competitiveness and maintenance of the organization's operations.

Commitment and care for organizational knowledge can successfully improve the adaptability of the organizational system and the stability of cognitive processes. However, organizations cannot rely on the spontaneous diffusion of knowledge to keep pace with change. Instead, knowledge must be thoughtfully created, consolidated, applied, and reused faster than the rate of change.

What is the preparation for using the organizational knowledge potential?

Organizations learn only through individuals who learn. For organizational learning, it is necessary the existence a suitable infrastructure called - A Learning Organization. Firstly, this infrastructure is created by the awareness of the importance of people and knowledge, which is then transferred to the organizational structure and processes. The organization should implement that developed awareness of the importance of people and knowledge in its foundations - mission and organizational culture.