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Let's work together to find the best fit
for your company.

Don’t waste time and money on ineffective recruitment processes. Let our academically educated HR specialists with 5+ years
of experience handle it for you. From creating job descriptions
to onboarding, we’ve got you covered.


Since our inception, PerunHR has been
totally focused on building a strategic,
quality outsourcing practice.

Our company provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services that utilize advanced recruitment systems, state-of-the-art screening solutions, contemporary online job boards, and cutting-edge Applicant Tracking Systems. Our goal is to assist our clients in identifying the ideal candidates for their job vacancies while also facilitating connections between candidates and clients to achieve mutual success. In a highly competitive marketplace, we distinguish ourselves by upholding our core values and promoting the continual growth of our staff's specialized knowledge in the field, ensuring exceptional service delivery.


Transforming lives through pushing recruiting boundaries

In a fast-paced environment where globalization is already stepped in, your company is having difficulties hiring the right individuals that can make all the difference in your company's success. We are here to help you in recruiting high-quality candidates. We created a quality recruitment process, and our members have experience in sourcing, screening, interviewing, and testing the candidates for various positions.


01 Reliability

Our core value is reliability and our team thrives on being worthy of trust in accomplishing all tasks efficiently and effectively. We are accountable to our clients with a commitment to deliver beyond expectations.

02 Teamwork

We believe that the best solutions are found through teamwork. We are ready to listen all suggestions of our clients and candidates in order to bring the best quality of recruitment process.

03 Care

We care very much that we listen carefully to the needs of our clients and candidates in order to successfully meet all their expectations. We believe that placing the right candidates in the right place would have a positive impact on the development of the candidate's career and the success of the client's business.

04 Transparency

We care about nurturing great relationships with our clients. We are transparent with our candidates, our clients, and with each other.

05 Innovation

PerunHR is constantly developing brand new strategies in recruitment processes. We believe that constant innovation improves the recruitment system and enables companies to attract and hire the best talent available in the market, ultimately leading to greater organizational success and growth.

Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team created 30+ job posts using various job-seeking and ATS platforms

We have more 3000+ candidates in our candidate pool

Contact us

Our team is available
to assist you with any questions or concerns
Tel +381659921910
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We are always pleased to hear from high-calibre individuals, although we would stress that we are executive headhunters and not a high-volume recruitment agency.

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Current or Prospective Clients

We put the interests of our clients and candidates first in everything we do, leading to countless successful employment matches. We are always eager to include new clients as a part of our growth and success. Reach out to a member of our team to let us know what you are looking for.

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Job hunting isn’t easy, but PERUNHR makes it easier. We help candidates improve their career opportunities by finding great jobs, either temporary or full time, within our growing network of clients. Contact us to jumpstart your career.



Vanja Damjanović

Recruitment and Human Resources Manager

Job posting Firm

”Stefan and his team showed a great deal of dedication to each task of our project. I must say that PerunHR with Stefan as the team leader is one great Serbian Recruitment Team! Their skills, market knowledge and overall results deserve a high recommendation from me as a Recruitment and HR Manager at the JobGet Company. Looking forward to working with you again! Best, Vanja”


Aurélie Capiron

Senior Project Manager

Recruitment Firm

”Very efficient recruiter. Stefan brought in good results in very short period”

Working with the best partners

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